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Monday, November 9, 2009

the hack i love

This is frustrating! I use a first generation 2G, 8Gb iPhone. Jailbroken of course. For the longest time, I was using 2.2.1. So last Friday, I brought it to a hack in greenhills to have the firmware updated to 3.0.1, the latest I could possibly get for my hardware.

I know the guy, he revived my iPhone from oblivion sometime ago. The preferred hack of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group(PhilMUG)... It said so in a sign outside his shop. So he took my phone, plugged it into his laptop and proceeded with the update. He told me that he could save only my contacts. I was fine with it knowing that I could just always sync it with my iTunes. I waited an hour as he worked on the firmware update plus the installation of sone basic apps from Cydia. It went well, all my contacts restored and I paid him. It wasn't exactly cheap.

I got home, woke up my iTunes and started sync. It did contacts and calendars. But lo and behold, it did not like to sync apps and music! What the hell?! I repeated the process four, five more times. Still it won't go!

The search results Google gave were promising. So I tried following one tip after another but each one did not work. The forums of mac/iPhone/jailbreak savvy people did not help. It was so frustrating! With much fear of bricking my old iPhone, I did not attempt to do the update via Pawnge myself. There's no other recourse for now except to take it back to that hack!

So to him I went. He plugs in and connects to iTunes store, asks me to login to my iTunes store account. He downloads a free app and syncs nothing else but contacts, calendars and the sole newly purchased free app. And you know what? It went through! Then I checked on the other
apps I wanted and the playlist I wanted and hit the sync button. And they went through as well!
I love this guy! What I did not find looking for in the different mac forums for one whole day, this hack did in a few minutes. It was neat!

Now, I'm going back to the forums, specifically PhilMUG and put in a nice word about this great guy, Jake! Or maybe contribute what I now know and get credit for it... Cool!


  1. You didn't have to pay him again, did you? If you did, it was well worth it.

  2. no need to pay again... it was sorta like a back job ;)